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2017 Samarpanam K Gopinathan Malayalam
2016 Maanasaandarapetta Yezdi Director Not specified ! Malayalam
2014 john paul vaathil thurakkunnu Director Not specified ! Malayalam
2002 Sesham Director Not specified ! Malayalam
1995 Agnidevan Director Not specified ! Malayalam
1991 Ulladakkam Director Not specified ! Malayalam
P. Balachandran
P. Balachandran
P. Balachandran

P. Balachandran ( Actor, writer, director )

Date of Birth 02 Feb 1952
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Awards & Titles

P. Balachandran is an Indian writer, playwright, scenarist, director, and actor. He's known for his work in Malayalam literature and Malayalam cinema. Balachandran is best known for the play Paavam Usman for which he won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award and Kerala Professional Nataka Award in the year 1989. He has scripted many films including Ulladakkam (1991), Pavithram (1994), Agnidevan (1995), Punaradhivasam (2000), and Kammatti Paadam (2016). His directorial debut is Ivan Megharoopan (2012). He has also acted in a few films, the most notable being Trivandrum Lodge (2012).

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