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Njan Marykutty (2018) | Malayalam

 Ranjith Sankar's Njan Marykutty might or might not be the first Malayalam movie to have a transperson as the main character, but it surely is the first to treat such a character with dignity and respect. Marykutty (Jayasurya) was born a man, but aspires to be, and dresses, like a woman. She is in the process of a sex change, which, the character, informs, is no overnight process though. Marykutty's greatest wish is to join the police force, and she has a loyal circle of friends in support, but obstacles are many, in terms of the red tape involved, and society in general in the form of a police officer played by Joju George. Marykutty is sensitive by nature but determined to fight it out and refuses to take the insults and humiliation thrown her way - more often than not, she is referred to as 'that thing'. However, it's the hostility from her own family that causes real heartache for Marykutty, something she is determined to overcome as well. The trauma of the family of transpeople is also something the film explores.

Njan Marykutty ( 2018 ) |Malayalam


Njan Marykutty  is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language drama film written and directed by Ranjith Sankar and co-produced with Jayasurya. The film stars Jayasurya as a trans woman named Marykutty, with Innocent, Jewel Mary, Jins Baskar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Aju Varghese and Joju George in other prominent roles. The music for the film was composed by Anand Madhusoodhanan. The film was released on 15 June 2018 on the eve of Ramadan.

Starring- Aju Varghese , Jayasurya

Director(s) - Ranjith Sankar

Producer(s) - Jayasurya

Written by - Ranjith Sankar

Music - Anand Madhusoodanan

Cinematograhy - Vishnu Narayan

Distributed by - Not Available

Release Date : 6/15/2018

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