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Oorkavalan (1987) | Tamil

Oorkavalan ( 1987 ) |Tamil


Oorkavalan is a 1987 Tamil-language film. It was directed by Manobala with music directed by Shankar Ganesh. The movie was a hit at the box office. It was dubbed in Telegu as Kanchukotaku Monagadu.  The story describes the struggle of a young villager Kangeyan (played by Rajinikanth) to receive justice for his brother's murder. Manickam falls in love with Mallika, the daughter of Pannaiar. Mallika's marriage is arranged with Dorai (played by Raghuvaran) but refuses and declares her love for Mannikam. Kangeyan gets them married in the village. The priest pretends to have divine powers and uses superstitious belief of the villagers to kill Manickam. Kangeyan, not wanting to see Mallika as a widow, decides to her married again to Pandian, a cart driver who was her childhood friend. Dorai intervenes again proceeding to use superstition again and Kangeyan learns about truth behind his brother death exposing the priest and Dorai losing his lover in the process. This movie was revolutionary in its message showing how fake godmen and the rich use superstitious belief of the common man to get their ends while showing women in a good light with the hero fighting for their equality told in an entertaining manner.



Starring- Rajinikanth , Raghuvaran

Director(s) - Not Available

Producer(s) - Not Available

Written by - Not Available

Music - Not Available

Cinematograhy - Not Available

Distributed by - Not Available

Release Date : 9/4/1987

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