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Piragu (2007) | Tamil

Piragu ( 2007 ) |Tamil

Romantic Comedy

"Another story of a virtuous young man, enmeshed in the trap of black crafty villains, who summons all his strength and prowess to beat the bad guys and comes out unscathed in the end.

Sathya [Hamsavardhan] hails from a small village, Natham. He writes and directs a number of dramas in his village, and obviously harbours the dream to become a great film director. Eventually, he musters courage, takes a risk and leaves behind all he knows, to tread on new grounds. He leaves Natham for Chennai in the hope of getting his big break in movies."

Director(s) - Not Available

Producer(s) - Not Available

Written by - Not Available

Music - Srikanth Deva

Cinematograhy - Not Available

Distributed by - Not Available

Release Date : 9/21/2007

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