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1986 Ninnistham Ennishtam Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1986 Viswasichalum Illenkilum Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1985 Paara (Malayalam) Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1985 Mukhyamanthri Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1984 Vanitha Police Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1983 Oru Madapravinte Katha Alleppey Ashraf  Malayalam
1977 Dweep Director Not specified ! Malayalam
Alleppey Ashraf 
Alleppey Ashraf 
Alleppey Ashraf 

Alleppey Ashraf ( Director )

Date of Birth 01 Jan 1111
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Alleppey Ashraf is an Indian film director, concentrating mainly on Malayalam movies. He started his career as a Mimicry Artist and later a Dubbing Artiste. He is considered as an inspiration for many in Mimicry Art. He has also directed several films even though he was never a busy director. Filmography

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