Deepak Dev Movie List

2020 Big Brother(2020) Siddique Malayalam
2017 Honey Bee 2: Celebrations Jean Paul Lal Malayalam
2017 Masterpiece Ajai Vasudev Malayalam
2016 King Liar lal Malayalam
2015 Chirakodinja Kinavukal Listin Stephen Malayalam
2012 I Love Me Director Not specified ! Malayalam
2011 Urumi Director Not specified ! Telugu
2010 Maa Director Not specified ! Tamil
2009 Puthiya Mukham Diphan Malayalam
2007 speed Track Jayasurya Malayalam
2006 Raashtram Director Not specified ! Malayalam
2003 Chronic Bachelor Siddique Malayalam
1995 Avatharam Director Not specified ! Malayalam
Deepak Dev
Deepak Dev
Deepak Dev

Deepak Dev( Music )

Date of Birth 30 Apr 1972
Working areas:


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Deepak Devraj Komath, better known as Deepak Dev is an Indian music composer, best known for his compositions in Malayalam cinema. Deepak Dev is a jaffa native of Thalasserry in Kerala, grew up in Dubai. He studied at the Indian High School there and was learning Indian Carnatic music ever since his childhood days. Later his interest switched mainly to the keyboard.

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