J. D. Thottan Movie List

1977 Nurayum Pathayum J. D. Thottan Malayalam
1965 Kalyana Photo J. D. Thottan Malayalam
1960 Sthreehridayam J. D. Thottan Malayalam
1959 Chathurangam (1959 film) J. D. Thottan Malayalam
J. D. Thottan
J. D. Thottan
J. D. Thottan

J. D. Thottan( Director )

Date of Birth 01 Jan 1111
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J. D. Thottan was earlier know as Jose. He was an Indian director of Malayalam language films. Indian Cinema cited him along with M. Krishnan Nair, S. S. Rajan, and A. B. Raj as one of the Malayalam film industry's successful film directors. He directed films such as Sthreehridayam in 1960 and Karinizhal in 1971.

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