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K. Balachander
K. Balachander
K. Balachander

K. Balachander( Director )

Date of Birth 07 Sep 1930
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padma sri.

Kailasam Balachander was born in tanjore . He Is an Indian director, producer, writer, actor, playwright, stage conductor, and comedian who worked mainly in the Tamil film industry. He was well known for his distinct film-making style, and the Indian film industry knew him as a master of unconventional themes and hard-hitting contemporary subject matter. Balachander's films are well known for their portrayal of women as bold personalities and central characters.meaning "the director who scaled the peak". his films are usually centred on unusual or complicated interpersonal relationships and social themes. Starting his cinematic career as a screenwriter, Balachander soon graduated as a director with Neerkumizhi in 1965. he was died on 23/12/2014.

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