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2003 Ammakkilikkoodu M. Padmakumar Malayalam
M. Padmakumar
M. Padmakumar
M. Padmakumar

M. Padmakumar( Director )

Date of Birth 01 Jan 1111
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M. B. Padmakumar is an Indian actor, Television personality and filmmaker from Kerala. As an actor, he performed in a number of movies starting with Ashwaroodan (2006) and more than 10 television serials in Malayalam. His directorial debut was the 2014 film My Life Partner, which investigated the close relationship between two men and caused some controversy, followed by 2015's Roopantharam. The release date of My Life Partner was delayed by a month because of its content, Kerala lacking "a socio-cultural space for LGBTs"; theater owners kept saying there were no screens available; in the end it was shown only in four small theaters and received a poor showing. To Padmakumar's surprise, it finished second best in the 45th Kerala State Film Awards, and also won for Best Lead Actor.

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