Mehboob Khan Movie List

1994 andaz Mehboob Khan Hindi
1978 Punniya Boomi Director Not specified ! Tamil
1967 Lamboo in Hong Kong Harsukh jagneshwar bhatt Hindi
1965 Namaste Ji Director Not specified ! Hindi
1963 Godaan Director Not specified ! Hindi
1962 Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai Shakthi Hindi
1962 Son of India Mehboob Khan Hindi
1959 qaidi no 911 Director Not specified ! Hindi
1957 Mother India (1957) Mehboob Khan Hindi
1954 Amar Mehboob Khan Hindi
1954 Watan Mehboob Khan Hindi
1952 Aan (dubbed from Hindi) Mehboob Khan Hindi
1948 Anokhi Ada (1948) Mehboob Khan Hindi
1946 Anmol Ghadi Mehboob Khan Hindi
1945 Humayun Mehboob Khan Hindi
1937 Jagirdar Mehboob Khan Hindi
1936 Manmohan Mehboob Khan Hindi
1935 Al Hilal Mehboob Khan Hindi
1935 Talash-E-Haq a.k.a. Search For Truth Director Not specified ! Hindi
1932 Bulbul-E-Baghdad Nanubhai Vakil Hindi
1931 Raj Tilak(1931) Director Not specified ! Hindi
Mehboob Khan
Mehboob Khan
Mehboob Khan

Mehboob Khan( Director )

Date of Birth 09 Sep 1907
Working areas:

Awards & Titles

1957 – All India Certificate of Merit for Best Feature Film – Mother India[13]

Mehboob Khan was born in mumbai. He was a pioneer, producer-director of Hindi cinema, best known for directing the social epic Mother India (1957), which won the Filmfare Awards for Best Film and Best Director and was a nominee for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He set up his production company, Mehboob Productions, and later a film studio, the Mehboob Studios in Bandra, Mumbai in 1954.his famous films are aan,mother india,aurat,son of india and najma.He was died on 28/may/1964 in mumbai.

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