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1979 Anyarude Bhoomi Nilambur Balan Malayalam
1973 Chuzhi Director Not specified ! Malayalam
1973 Swargaputhri Director Not specified ! Malayalam
1972 Panimudakku Director Not specified ! Malayalam
Nilambur Balan
Nilambur Balan
Nilambur Balan

Nilambur Balan( Actor )

Date of Birth 01 Jan 1111
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Nilambur Balan was an Indian actor in Malayalam movies. He was one of the prominent supporting actor in late 1960s and 1970s in Malayalam movies. He has acted in more than 50 movies. He was born at Vatakara. He was a theater artist before becoming a cine artist. Balan acted in many films, including the Sankupushpam. He was married to Vjayalakshmi on 8 December 1957. They have started a drama troupe,Kalithara and acted together in many dramas. His wife is Kerala State Theater Award winning actress.[ The couple has three children Santhosh, Vijayakumar, Asha. He died on 4 February 1990. An award instituted in memory of actor Nilambur Balan by the Nilambur Balan Anusmarana Samithi, to the personalities, for their contribution to the theater-cinema field

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