Nitin Bose Movie List

2015 akhil v.v.vinayak Telugu
1971 Umeed Nitin Bose Hindi
1963 Nartakee Nitin Bose Hindi
1961 Gunga Jumna Nitin Bose Hindi
1955 Amar Saigal Nitin Bose Hindi
1951 Deedar Nitin Bose Hindi
1950 Mashaal (1950) Nitin Bose Hindi
1938 Dharti Mata Director Not specified ! Hindi
1937 President(1937) Nitin Bose Hindi
1934 Chandidas Nitin Bose Hindi
1934 Daku Mansoor Nitin Bose Hindi
1933 Puran Bhagat Director Not specified ! Hindi
1933 Rajrani Meera Director Not specified ! Hindi
1932 Mohabbat Ke Ansu Director Not specified ! Hindi
Nitin Bose
Nitin Bose
Nitin Bose

Nitin Bose( film director, cinematographer,screen writer )

Date of Birth 26 Apr 1897
Working areas:


Awards & Titles

1961: Certificate of Merit for Second Best Feature Film – Pyaar Ki Pyaas Bose received Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1977.

Nitin Bose was an Indian film director, cinematographer and screenwriter of the nation's film industry. He was born in Calcutta and died in the same city. In the 1930s and early 1940s, he worked with New Theatres, who made bilingual movies: in both Bengali and Hindi.

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