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2015 kumari 21F P.venu Telugu
1984 Thacholi Thankappan P.venu Malayalam
1981 Ariyapeddatha rahasyam P.venu Malayalam
1973 Prethangalude Thazhvara P.venu Malayalam
1972 taxi car P.venu Malayalam
1970 Detective 909 Keralathil P.venu Malayalam
1969 Virunnukari P.venu Malayalam

P.venu( Director )

Date of Birth 08 Nov 1940
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Awards & Titles

P. Venu was an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter with over 20 films to his credit. His directorial venture Udhyogastha in 1967 was the first ever multi-starrer film of South India. His work in Malayalam cinema was significant and most influential, covering all themes and genres over a career spanning 40 years. One of his most recognized film C.I.D. Nazir in 1971, revolutionized movie-making in the investigative genre in Malayalam cinema. Following the commercial and critical success of this film, he came up with two more in the series - Taxi Car in 1972 and Prethangalude Thazhvara in 1973, which were recognized as the first investigative sequels in the history of Malayalam cinema. From the late 60s to the 90s he continued to make films and then decided to take a break to devote more time to his family. His last film Parinamam (The Change) in 2003 won an honour for Malayalam cinema, winning the Best Screenplay Award at Ashdod International Film Festival held in Israel. In 2005 he was bestowed with the Kala Prathiba (Icon of Creative Arts) Award by the Kerala Film Critics Association for his immense contributions to Malayalam cinema. He was also an active member of MACTA (Malayalam Cine Technicians Association). He published his book titled Udyogastha Muthal (meaning ‘From Udyogastha Onwards’) in 2010 reminiscing his life as a filmmaker and his experiences in the film industry.

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