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2008 Pazhani Perarasu Tamil
2006 Dharmapuri Perarasu Tamil
2006 Thirupathi Director Not specified ! Tamil
1981 Hamsa Geetham Perarasu Malayalam

Perarasu( Director )

Date of Birth 08 Jan 1976
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Perarasu is an Indian filmmaker who works primarily in Tamil cinema. As a director, he is best known for his commercial movies with actors Vijay and Ajith. He has also been credited as an actor, music director, singer and lyricist in some of his ventures. He has mentioned that all his movies are named for cities in Tamil Nadu, India. He is from Nattarasankottai, near Sivagangai in Tamil Nadu.Perarasu, was born in Natarasankottai near Madurai district. He tried for 7 to 8 years to make it big and had some off-beat stories. When he was new to Chennai, he used to frequent AVM and stand in front of the studios longing to visit the place. He bribed a production in charge ten rupees one day and got himself into the studios

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