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2016 Arani Director Not specified ! Malayalam
1965 Akashdeep Phani Majumdar Hindi
1965 Oonche Log(1965) Phani Majumdar Hindi
1965 Birthday Phani Majumdar Hindi
1960 Veer Purush Phani Majumdar Hindi
1954 Baadbaan Phani Majumdar Hindi
1952 Tamasha Phani Majumdar Hindi
1951 Andolan (1951) Phani Majumdar Hindi
1948 Hum Bhi Insaan Hain (1948) Phani Majumdar Hindi
1946 Door Chalen Phani Majumdar Hindi
1942 Tamanna (1942) Phani Majumdar Hindi
1939 Kapala Kundla Phani Majumdar Hindi
1939 Kapal Kundala Phani Majumdar Hindi
1938 Street Singer Phani Majumdar Hindi
Phani Majumdar
Phani Majumdar
Phani Majumdar

Phani Majumdar( Director )

Date of Birth 28 Dec 1911
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National Film Awards

Phani Majumdar was a pioneering Indian film director, who worked in Hindi cinema, most known for his film Street Singer (1938) starring K.L. Saigal noted for its song, Babul Mora Naihar Chhooto Jaye, Meena Kumari classic Aarti (1962) and Oonche Log (1965). He also worked in Singapore, where he notably made Hang Tuah (1955) in Malay, which was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 7th Berlin International Film Festival.Starting in 1930s, with leading film director P.C. Barua at New Theatres Studio of Calcutta founded by B. N. Sircar, who during this period made classics like Devdas (1935). He moved to Bombay in 1941 and worked with Bombay Talkies studio, he made Tamanna (1942) with Suraiya and Mohabbat (1943) with Shanta Apte and Andolan (1951). He made films in Punjabi, Magadhi (Bhaiya, 1961) and Maithili (Kanyadaan, 1965). His Oonch Log was actor Feroz Khan's first hit and won the National Film Award for Second Best.

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