AR Rahman Gets One More Feather To His Cap!

AR Rahman Gets One More Feather To His Cap!

Reported By Neenu17 Mar 2017

For the first time in India, AR Rahman’s music concert tour across North America will be out as a movie across cinema halls soon.

Grape Ventures in association with YM Movies has produced “One Heart”. This movie was premiered exclusively in Toronto’s Scotia Bank cinema hall. It was a great experience, said whoever watched One Heart.

One Heart, the music movie chronicles AR Rahman’s concert tour across 14 cities in America. His interviews, rehearsals are featured in it. This will be a tribute to AR Rahman completing 25 years in music world.

One Heart Musicians Foundation is a Corpus fund created to help the musicians and their families.

AR Rahman who is appointed as brand ambassador for this foundation has decided to donate all the proceeds of One Heart movie to the One Heart Musicians Foundation.

One Heart will be released this April across the globe.