Tamannaah tying the knot with Pakistani cricketer?

Tamannaah tying the knot with Pakistani cricketer?

Reported By 04 May 2020

Tamannaah is busy juggling projects in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and had stated recently that she is concentrating on her career and marriage is not part of her plan in the near future. However, rumours about the private life of the beautiful 'Devi' actress keeps surfacing on the internet.

The latest rumour that has gone viral is that Tamannaah is set to marry former Pakistani cricket allrounder Abdul Razzaq. Headlines are screaming that after Sania Mirza who married Shoaib Malik its Tammannaah who is going to settle down with a Pakistani cricketer. From the Pak side fans posted angry messages as Razzak is married to Ayesha and has kids.

The base of the rumour is a photograph that has Tamannaah and Abdul Razzak with some jewellery in their hands. Further investigation has been revealed that its a very old snap taken during a jewelry shop inauguration in Dubai for which both the actress and the cricketer were chief guests and nothing more.

Its really surprising that during the lockdown when people are stressed due to the fear of the rampant COVID 19 some people can come with such rumours. Anyways Tammy is in no way concerned with this and is busy using her lockdown time to enjoy the quiet, cooking and workouts to keep her as fit as ever.