Raghava Lawrence: We should only pray for the good health and peace of Rajini sir

Raghava Lawrence: We should only pray for the good health and peace of Rajini sir

Reported By 13 Jan 2021

Raghava Lawrence has now opened up on why he didn't join the Valluvar Kottam protest organized by the fans of Rajinikanth to ask him to reconsider his decision to stay out of politics.

"Many people requested me to join the protest at Valluvar Kottam. I also heard many voice notes which came through Director Sai Ramani and even now many people are asking me to request thalaivar to change his decision. That's why I’m making this statement now. I’m also going through the same pain you all are feeling due to his decision. If Thalaivar told us any other reasons, we could’ve requested him, but Thalaivar’s main reason is his health. If we request him and he changes his decision again, and if something happens to him, we all have to live with that guilt our entire life. Even without entering politics, he will always remain my guru. I know about his health condition as I speak to him closely. Now, all we need to do is pray for his good health and peace. He will always remain in my prayers forever. Guruve saranam", said Lawrence in his statement.


But a few of Rajini's fans were unhappy with Lawrence's statement. Later, the Kanchana actor said that he wouldn't talk much about Rajinikanth in the future.

"Hi friends and fans,I want to make a strong statement today,Hereafter, All my posts and statements are my individual opinion’s only, it will not have any connection with Guru Superstar Rajinikanth. Why I’m saying this is because All good or bad should stay with me only, it should never affect him in any manner. They say in Tamil” Kalaala adicha kaayam Aaridum but solaala adicha kaayam Aaradhu” Oru particular group Romba adichitanga. Even when I try to forgive and forget, I’m not able to get over few words. No matter who forgets it, I will never forget the words being spoken. Time will answer everything", he posted on Facebook.