TV  would bounce back faster than cinema: Radikaa

TV would bounce back faster than cinema: Radikaa

Reported By 09 May 2020

The lockout of the whole world extends for more than a month, but after 17 May is the third extension. The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken nod and told the public that post-production in the movie industry will begin on 11 May with some relaxation in the lockdown law. She also believes that the entertainment industry will bind up more quickly than the cinema after the shutdown because of coronavirus, as is already a big player of her serials in the television industry.

When talking on a television network, the famous actress said that the television industry would bounce quickly off the movie industry, as it could easily follow the rules such as number of approved television personnel and other rules for the television industry. In the meantime, she said cinema will have a challenge as the operational system in the cinema is not that easy. Radikaa also reported that the film sector is the last sector to be assisted by someone who wants to live alone.