Vanitha Vijaykumar's daughter pens a letter ahead of her mom's marriage

Vanitha Vijaykumar's daughter pens a letter ahead of her mom's marriage

Reported By 20 Jun 2020

Jovika Vijayakumar, daughter of Vanitha Vijayakumar, has penned a thoughtful message as her mother gears up for her marriage. She has extended her support to her mom's marriage and stated that she deserves happiness. Vanitha Vijayakumar had tied the knot with Akash at the age of 19. They got divorced seven years, later. They had a son and daughter. Then, she married Andhra-based businessman Anandraj. This relationship ended with divorce in 2010.

Jovitha is born from Vanitha's first marriage. Now, the actress and Bigg Boss Tamil contestant's daughter has approved her mom's wish to tie the knot again.You know I love you!! And whatever happens I will always support you...I have learnt everything from you...and I have had an adventurous 15 years with you, we have been through so much in life together and I know there are many more years and adventures to come.

And no one knows you as much as I do and let me tell you that you are the KINDEST AND LOVING human!! And you have to live your life your way and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that!! I love you and support you 10000% no matter what happens and no matter who says what, because I know YOU and YOU are hardworking, loyal, fabulous, cheerful, kind and loving...never forget that!!

And you deserve happiness as much as everyone else. Not everybody has hope not everybody believes in magic and not everybody believes in love but you do and it has paid of very well. And I'm saying this as your daughter but as your friend as well...I love you...all the best ma.igit