Prithviraj and team seeks help for rescue

Prithviraj and team seeks help for rescue

Reported By 01 Apr 2020

"Life sometimes meets cinema," Prithviraj tweeted, nearly six days ago, with a picture of the locale shooting Aadujeevitham in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Like the protagonist Najeeb in the directorial Blessy, who is forced to live his life in solitude in a desert, the team's crew are now also waiting for rescue. 

Just a few days earlier, Blessy had informed Anto Antony, member of Lok Sabha, that his 58-member crew including Prithviraj had permission to resume shooting until April 10, although the Jordanian government had announced a national curfew to control the Covid-19 pandemic. The Arab country, however, has recently tightened its controls, thus revoking their permit.

Blessy and the team, who are staying in a desert camp in Wadi Rum, have stopped shooting since Friday and got in touch with the office of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan and Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday asking for immediate rescue.

Prithviraj wrote in his social media post, "We have now been advised that an immediate permission for shooting to resume is impossible due to the situation and thus our next best choice will be to return to India at the first opportunity possible. As we had originally planned to stay and shoot in Wadi Rum until April 2nd week, our accommodation, food and supplies will be looked after for the immediate future. But obviously, what happens beyond that timeline is a matter of concern.

The actor also stated that they have a doctor in their team, who conduct medical check-ups every 72 hours for each crew member, and are also subject to regular check-ups by a Jordanian doctor appointed by government. 

Another cause of concern was their visas expiring prematurely. But Blessy tells us, "That is something that the Indian embassy is already looking into here. Right now every one of us is free. But we do hope to arrange a chartered flight for our rescue soon. It would be hard for us to wait here until international travel is permitted, because the expenses are far more than we can afford.